RASHTRIYA JANSHAKTI SEWA SANGH is a voluntary non-profit organization registered under Indian Charitable Trust Act 1882, established for the integrated development of the poor and marginalized, orphans, minorities, tribal people, urban poor, informal labour sector, and other backward classes. The Registration No of RASHTRIYA JANSHAKTI SEWA SANGH β€œ1380”, With CERTIFICATE NO: β€œIN-DL40043238396396M”


The Trust is a grass root level social welfare organization working directly with the rural poor, facilitating the utilization of their skills and knowledge to develop sustainable solutions to poverty.

It also initiates efforts in various interconnected socio-economic fields such as education, livelihoods, natural resources, health, women empowerment, and social justice. The focus is in on 'convenience, reliability, continuity and flexible range of services for the poor people in our society.

RASHTRIYA JANSHAKTI SEWA SANGH has worked in some of the most destitute and deprived areas of the India to provide basic human rights to the poorest of individuals with the premise that clean water, sanitation, food, medical care and education are the fundamental rights of every human being. With the continued support of our generous and dedicated donors and supporters we have managed to widen the areas we work in, and are changing the lives of more people than we ever have.

RASHTRIYA JANSHAKTI SEWA SANGH is a registered charity, non-profit, voluntary organisation, based in New Delhi, providing free advice and information in the areas of health, education, welfare benefit, immigration, racial harassment and much more. RASHTRIYA JANSHAKTI SEWA SANGH organise training projects including dressmaking, crafts, English and IT courses for adults aged 18 to 70+ and youth projects for youths 7 years to 18 years.

The people in the organisation has many years of experience in the community, carrying out voluntary activities. The organisation is not for profit.

The organisation provides individuals with professional services and operates from the organisation's centre. With the assistance of experienced and capable staff and volunteers services. Donations are welcomed from all. Please send all donations to the treasurer with your names and addresses. Donations can be made through online directly to our Bank Account